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  • Blade Runner

    Blade Runner



    Ooooof there’s a lot more thematic prowess to be had here. It doesn’t earn enough of the relationship nor the climactic shots. Ford’s voiceover is so monotone that it can knock one to sleep.

    That being said, the film is still so beautifully spectacular, Angelis’ score is literal magic and while the story misfires a few beats and the editing makes the action feel dated, Blade Runner is just one of those films. One of those beautiful brilliant world builders that you can’t escape it’s clutches

  • Molly's Game

    Molly's Game


    Breakneck and breathless in delivery, Sorkin’s first endeavour behind the camera shows more skill and mastery than most first time directors. It relies a little too much on exposition, to the point where it almost becomes a documentary on the character rather than an interaction. Sorkins reliance on dialogue is very heavy handed, with no subtlety that may have been given from someone with more experience. Elba’s character is given nothing, but Bloom (Chastain) herself was given a nice arcless story to tell. Ending doesn’t give the punch you want, but it’s clean. A very quick 140 minutes.

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  • Zootopia



    “Life isn’t a cartoon musical where your dreams come true, so let it go!”"

    I was very lucky and privileged to see Zootopia as part of the Animex Festival, with guest speaker Renato Des Anjos who is the Head of Animation for the "Zootopia" project and it's production. With that, I got to see the finished film with animation students, all of whom were excited and passionate about what they were witnessing. It was also a very intriguing watch due…

  • Zootopia



    I laughed, I cried, I laughed again.

    Zootopia is one of, if not the downright funniest animated movie that I have ever seen, with such a clever, if convenient script and themes that are so relevant for this modern society.

    Universally loveable, the ENTIRE family will love this film, from pop culture references to its gorgeous animation.

    Oh, and you've not seen anything of the Sloth from the trailer yet!

    Full review embargoed!