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  • Hereditary



    Ari Aster’s HEREDITARY is a panic attack personified, as Aster’s deft hand pilots the ship with a firm grasp on your windpipe, choking until you want to cry out for your parents, but can’t. Because even long after you’ve escaped HEREDITARY, you’ll find yourself consumed by it.

    HEREDITARY is a meditative, contemplative horror film. It’s visuals are a treat, and it’s sound is overwhelmingly muted and deafening at the same time. Many a scene it scores with nothing but a…

  • The First Purge

    The First Purge


    The Purge: Die Hard

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  • Zootopia



    “Life isn’t a cartoon musical where your dreams come true, so let it go!”"

    I was very lucky and privileged to see Zootopia as part of the Animex Festival, with guest speaker Renato Des Anjos who is the Head of Animation for the "Zootopia" project and it's production. With that, I got to see the finished film with animation students, all of whom were excited and passionate about what they were witnessing. It was also a very intriguing watch due…

  • Memento



    Because Christopher Nolan said;

    "Fuck it, let's make a movie backwards"