Jojo Rabbit

Jojo Rabbit ★★★

“We were just Heil Hitlering the boy, and then Heil Hitlering yourself”

Jojo Rabbit provides a lot of comedic value, which is expected since you have Taika Waititi at the helm. Unfortunately tho, Waititi does not get much screentime but manages to make the most out of ever second he’s there. 

The movie didn’t make me laugh from beginning to end, and I sometimes felt the acting was a little too awkward, even for a satirical comedy. However, I do like the cinematography here, which is strange because cinematography is usually the least important detail in a comedy.

Then comes the question: “Did it really deserve to win an Oscar?” Well, as much as I like Taika Waititi, especially his revival of the Thor movies, he definitely did not deserve the Oscar for best adapted screenplay, I think The Irishman for example, was more deserving, but that’s just me, and we all know the story of the conservative members of the Academy and the weird stuff that happened. 

Regardless, I still recommend you to watch Jojo Rabbit, it is definitely worth it!

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