Jigsaw ★★★

I think most people already have preformed opinions about SAW. You probably know about what to expect from the newest installment, and you're right. There are traps and people yell at each other a lot as they sweat. There is intrigue and betrayal and twists!

I liked Jigsaw ... A LOT. It's one of the better entries in the series. It's definitely an improvement over the last few entries. The characters are likable more often in this one. You actually kind of want them to survive, until you don't. The gore is decent if not a little overly computerized which is a disappointment. If you like the series, I think you'll enjoy this entry.

Jigsaw is directed by the Spierig brothers who have a fairly uneven track record for me. I enjoy the idea behind their breakout genre hit, Daybreakers, but its an imperfect movie. There are acting and effects decisions which hinder the movie. Those same problems carry over to Jigsaw. They also directed the fantastic Predestination, a twisty time travel mind f****. That movie's ingenuity also flows into Jigsaw as well.

On the whole Jigsaw is good. The ending makes no sense but fans know that won't last for long if another movie is made. I'm not sure I would have chosen to take the series in this direction, but I'm satisfied. SAW is more consistent than most modern horror franchises, and horror fans deserve it.

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