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This review may contain spoilers.

“I want to show you something... my kind of horror isn’t horror anymore.” ones afraid of a painted monster.”

Oh Orlok, how wrong you are.

“Is that what I was afraid of?”

The calm before the storm but it’s never calm. The second I saw Bobby in that gun shop with Orlok in his crosshairs I was on edge. Every knock on Orlok’s door, every time Bobby’s family walked into the room, every time we got a menacing close up of his partially-lit-up face from the dying light of the cigarette. I find that the build up is so tense to the point that it almost diminishes the atrocities that he commits while atop the oil storage tank. But I wasn’t off of the edge of my seat for long, because once he flees from the scene and makes it to the drive in, it is 23 minutes of perfectly constructed non-stop heart-racing intensity. Everyone scrambling displaying the diversity of how people act in these tragic events, whether it be warning others, fending for yourself, or in Orlok’s case, taking matters into your own hands.

In all honesty I laughed when Orlok just walked up and slapped the shit out of Bobby, until I realized that it’s such a clear yet rich reference to his words earlier in the film(quoted above). It feels so obvious and so brilliant at the same time. Not even to mention the final shot which is incredibly haunting and one of my favorite final shots of all time now. Not only is it haunting but just perfectly captures what Bogdanovich was going for in this absurdly ambitious directorial debut.

feel the need to specify this is the worst poster on letterboxd. It manages to ruin the whole build up and tense reveal that is the slow pan to Bobby’s(Tim O’Kelly) typewritten note. Thankfully I didn’t read it, or anything about the film as I was instructed by various people, and I’d advise anyone else who potentially plans to watch to do the same.

“All the good movies have been made” - Sammy Michaels(Peter Bogdanovich)