Dante: A Replication

Dante: A Replication

So happy to announce that DANTE has made me the youngest filmmaker ever to be selected to the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival! Thank you all so much for your support so far!

Next, we’ve been selected to participate in a statewide competition, and we could win our biggest prize yet, an audience award that would help fund our next short! It would really mean a lot to me if everyone on here clicked this link to vote for DANTE. It takes about two seconds, just scrolling to the bottom, selecting my short, and submitting the vote! (You don’t even need to sign up!—also, if I don’t follow you, let me know and I’ll follow you back!) 


If you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to watch it here as well and you can log it on letterboxd too! 

Thank you so much again for voting if you choose to do so (and if you haven’t yet, please do!), I really appreciate it!

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