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  • T2 Trainspotting

    T2 Trainspotting


    Directed by Danny Boyle.
    T2 … some might say isn't exactly better than the 1st Trainspotting. More or less uses some clever camera work, and film techniques borrowed from the first film and amplified.
    The acting is all very good. The lighting and cinematography is pretty stella. That bar scene is hilarious.
    Pour Spud though. He's easily my fav.

  • Primal Fear

    Primal Fear


    Directed by: Gregory Hoblit
    Primal Fear is a nifty little courtroom, thriller drama.
    Richard Gere and Laura Linney have some pretty great scenes together, and the twist at the end is pretty slow to to revel. I'm not quiet sure though if all the dots where well connected though throughout the script
    But give a shout out to Edward Norton though who really sold the two characters really well.

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  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens

    Star Wars: The Force Awakens


    It's all I can say.
    Probably one more for the fans than for new audience members.
    But. The world needed this film now more than ever.

  • Deliverance



    This an hour forty minutes of my life I won't get back.
    Didn't connect to the characters.
    The plot was slow and predictable.
    Just dull boring unsettling cinema that I would rather not see.
    Why Archer? Why did you think this was a good movie? Sure Bert Reynolds is the man. But. This? this is what you'll recommend for a good yarn?
    Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.