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  • Mr. No Legs

    Mr. No Legs


    This movie was great fun an worth watching... even for one scene alone... There,s a dude in this with a pimped wheelchair with "hidden" shotguns on each side of it.... This legless dude does a hilarious fight scene... after seeing it... you will never forget... It still makes me laugh when i thinking about it...

  • The Pirates of Somalia

    The Pirates of Somalia

    That main guy didn't convince me from the start and why the hell did they put Pacino in this small and total neglectable role .... its a fucking disgrace!!!

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  • Wonder


    OMG... what a over-sentimental, cliche and predictable piece of shit... I understand the intentions of this movie, but how everything is brought and being forced down your throat is just too much and made me almost vomit... Please... go watch the movie Mask (1985) Because it is a masterpiece compared to this disaster...

  • Sleeping with the Enemy

    Sleeping with the Enemy


    Seen it many times... guilty pleasure of mine!