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  • Vertigo



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    Vertigo: The Dangers of Obsession 

    “The gentleman seems to know what he wants”

    Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo is his magnum opus and a perfect psychological thriller. It has the grip and suspense of his other classics like Psycho and Rear Window, but it’s the psychological play underneath the surface that makes this his masterwork. 

    It begins with the unforgettable opening title sequence. Drenched in vivid colours and hypnotic images it is complimented perfectly with that iconic theme “Prelude and Rooftop”. It instantly…

  • Another Round

    Another Round


    Thomas Vinterberg’s Another Round is a bonafide masterpiece! Soul, Nomadland and now this, my existential dread is off the charts right now. The film uses its bizarre premise to present a soul crushing character study. The premise is not used just as a gimmick for some laughs, the complications and realities cut deep. Martin’s marital issues are slowly unravelled until they crescendo into a brutal confrontation scene. He is not able to handle his wife’s infidelity especially considering that he has…

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  • Isle of Dogs

    Isle of Dogs


    Isle of Dogs: A Hunch 

    “Was I the runt?”

    Wes Anderson’s Isle of Dogs is his 2nd animated feature and it feels his style is perfect for it. The detailing in the stop-motion is very impressive. On a visual level this is a step up from Fantastic Mr. Fox. Another all star ensemble and it’s fun figuring out who is playing who. Bryan Cranston was the highlight for me. This is not as emotionally involving as Fantastic Mr. Fox. Yet, it…

  • Benny's Video

    Benny's Video


    Benny’s Video: Substitute Parent 

    “Who else could have noticed anything?”

    Michael Haneke’s Benny’s Video is a bit of a prequel to the classic Funny Games. It’s a bit chilling how we also have a young Arno Frisch for good measure. Who also happens to shave his hair short like the character he would go onto play. He plays another psycho here but barring the murder this is not as horrifying. The murder itself is a shocking scene and we see how…

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  • Rocky Aur Rani Kii Prem Kahaani

    Rocky Aur Rani Kii Prem Kahaani


    Rocky Aur Rani Kii Prem Kahaani: Hindi Film Style 

    “Your blood runs in my veins, but there is no trace of you in my heart.”

    Karan Johar’s Rocky Aur Rani Kii Prem Kahaani is lovely. Really nice to see Karan embrace himself as a filmmaker and also reflect on his legacy. He has been criticized for making “rich people” films and being the mafia of nepotism. The film starts with a lavish setting and a song featuring a bunch of nepo…

  • Bawaal


    Bawaal: Commotion 

    “We all too are like Hitler, aren’t we?”

    Nitesh Tiwari’s Bawaal is honestly vile. The plot mechanics even for Bollywood standards are farfetched. Varun’s character is awful and I am tired of him playing the ignorant simpleton who must learn how to be a decent human being. A complete asshole but his behaviour is never treated as such. This is a guy who treats his wife poorly because she has epilepsy and that will harm his image. He is…