A.I. 187 ★½

I accidentally rented this with a one-click purchase on Amazon and decided, hey, it might be good sci-fi weirdo research for future ATL: Stories from the Retrofuture material. Instead, what I got was... I haven't felt this mind-numbed from a movie in a while.

The plot is some convoluted conspiracy cyberpunk-lite nonsense about an organic microchip or whatever, but it's more like every single direct-to-video sci-fi thriller distilled into one incredibly dull package, with some of the most blank-slate characters in existence. I already forget the name, but that one Netflix time travel movie with Michael Ironside was already pretty lame; this one is like the mockbuster ripoff of THAT movie.

Lance Henriksen is NOT in this enough to justify putting him on the cover, but it's a direct-to-video sci-fi flick, so you could probably assume that going in. Also, he doesn't give a good enough performance to be worth mentioning. The one potential redeeming factor is lost.

The only positive I can note here is that almost all of the sets are completely CGI, but they look kinda decent for a low-budget movie. I was kind of worried it'd go full-on The Amazing Bulk on us with that opening shot, but it's not too bad.

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