A.I. Artificial Intelligence ★★★★

ATL Inspiration Marathon - Part 44

Man, that was wild. That I could go so long in my life without seeing this film is beyond me. I'm still trying to process exactly how I'm feeling about it so the rating may change, but I can say that A.I. is certainly a pretty special work.

It bears a whole lot of similarities with the two-years-earlier sci-fi epic The Bicentennial Man, a very flawed but very likeable family saga. It's a conduit into humanity through the lens of an outsider. A.I. is a much more conventional film than that one, and with Spielberg's fantastic-as-always direction it's got a hell of a lot more worldbuilding and production design behind it. Both have got their clunkiness, but A.I, is decidedly a more fleshed out and nuanced experience in my opinion.

Jude Law is a revelation. Haley Joel Osment does his thing and does it so, so well. William Hurt excels at exactly the role fate has decided for him to always play.

I'm genuinely not sure what the general reception to this movie is as of this writing. Is it an underrated gem? A popular sci-fi favorite? An overrated blockbuster of yesteryear? I rarely ever hear this talked about anymore, but it feels to me every bit as worthy of recognition in the sci-fi genre as The Abyss or Ex Machina or anything else that's generally beloved around these parts. Kind of weird.

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