Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ★★★

I watched the Ultimate version, though I wasn't certain what exactly was added to make this obscene 3 hour runtime. The movie does NOT justify being that long, though it is certainly jam-packed with a billion subplots and wacky silliness throughout.

I kinda dug the first half more, which may be the effect of the edits, but gosh if the climax isn't just as dumb as ever and gosh if those final scenes didn't go on forever. Man of Steel 2 was forever marred by being forced to also be a Batman movie, and I really wish Batman and Wonder Woman hadn't appeared here. Still, it's not a bad experience. I'll actually admit I liked it.

Still, for how much I enjoyed Eisenberg's Tech Bro Luthor character with a great plot to kill Superman, I still think Metropolitan Man is vastly superior as a Lex Luthor story.

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