Battle at Big Rock

The absolute best possible advertisement for Jurassic World 3. They've been promising us this shit since like 2012 and we're finally about to get it. I am friggin' ready.

Also, while this was a bit too short for me to care too much, it was also one really cool small-scale setpiece that perfectly illustrates this high concept we've been dreaming of for ages now-- "What if dinosaurs lived among us?" It's neat and standalone and really fun.

This appears to have been a direct-to-Youtube marketing release, but really, I would have loved to see this as a surprise short film that premiered unnanounced in front of Queen & Slim or Cats or some other upcoming Universal film. Short films before movies is such a cool thing that has been so underused in live-action releases, and it's something that IP-obsessed studios could utilize to great effectiveness. Let this be an example of what could be.

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