Dark Phoenix ★★½

Exactly what I feared... It's incredibly mediocre.

I dunno about some people, but I'm super into the high level soap opera drama going on in the first couple acts. All these characters we've known for a billion movies now continuing on with their character stuff. Yeah, that means even more Charles vs Erik stuff as we will simply never be rid of that. Yeah, it means even more uncanny moments where you realize that Beast and Mystique and Quicksilver are supposed to be in their fifties but look and act twenty-five. But it's enough to keep me going.

But the second half of the movie devolves into mindless action scenes and it never really elevates from there. There's also practically NO mutant allegorical stuff in this movie and I have no idea why. Why was this film so unconcerned with the absolutely insane aftermath of Apocalypse? It was implied that society had changed considerably, but barely ever shown.

And thus the X-Men franchise goes out with not a bang, nor a whimper, but like, an okay movie that weirdly takes place smack-dab in the middle of the timeline, if you can even call it a timeline at this point. I think I would have been OK if they left it with Deadpool 2.

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