Missing Link ★★★★

Stop motion just does it better.

It's a rip-roaring adventure film like they never make anymore, in the vein of Romancing the Stone or Indiana Jones; it's a hilarious slapstick comedy in the classic tradition; and it's a heartfelt kid's movie about acceptance with others and with yourself.

I also love the way it subtly takes this piss out of the Pixar Buddy Comedy formula by copying it and then subverting it in key ways. Where you expect certain plot developments or the "surprise twists" that studio is known for, Missing Link goes a slightly different way, somewhere darker and sillier. Missing Link is unmistakably Laika in every way.

Too bad this movie mega-flopped because nobody saw it. With this and Early Man both taking big whiffs, I'm really starting to worry that stop motion feature films may not survive past the 20s. Let's go out of our way to watch every single one that comes out. Pledge with me!

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