Pink Floyd: The Wall

I've only ever seen about twenty minutes of this in high school psychology class, but I watched the Nostalgia Critic's The Wall video and that's not on Letterboxd so I have to review it on this listing.

Nostalgia Critic's The Wall is among the worst atrocities put to film and worthy of a half-star rating, something I give out so sparingly that my 5-star films outpace it 3:1. There's a disturbing CGI furry thing inserted for no reason, there's Doug Walker doing bad acting while standing in front of a poster of himself, there's a positively gut-bustingly bad Youtube sponsorship ad in the middle... it's the whole shebang of terrible. It even manages to try and stake out a middling centrist view on not only politics, but the very idea of love for cult films in general. I am very impressed at how a piece of media can generate such hatred inside of me in such a short timespan.

Too bad it's not on here for me to give it the rating it deserves.

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