Spider-Man 2 ★★★★★

ATL Inspiration Marathon - Part 33

This was my Grandpa's least-favorite movie.

Back when I was still in elementary school, my grandparents took my brother and me to the movies probably twice a month for several years, because the 00s were still a time when people went to the movies just to go. Pretty much any kids' movie that came out from 2002-2005 that wasn't Z-tier garbage we ended up seeing, and that of course included Spider-Man 2 in all its grandeur and massive anticipation. I was a big fan of the original movie and watched it many times thanks to it constantly airing on HBO after it reached home video, so I was very excited for this one here and seeing a live-action version of Doc Ock for the first time.

But unlike Shrek 2 which came out a month earlier and became his favorite movie, my Grandpa absolutely hated Spider-Man 2 and for fifteen years afterwards would bring the thing up as the worst movie he ever saw. It was boring and mean-spirited and had way too much romance, and thanks to those comments, my nine-year-old self just kind of believed him to be correct. It took probably ten more years for me to go back to this film thanks to just kind of assuming it was terrible; I didn't realize it was the #1 highest-reviewed Marvel movie (up until Black Panther and Logan) and had no idea people actually even liked the thing.

Of course now this is one of my favorite films ever and I love every second of it. For how much my Grandpa hated the thing, I find that fact endlessly funny.

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