Terminator: Dark Fate ★★★

Yo this was like... pretty good I guess.

There were a huge number of missed opportunity thanks to a ridiculously weak screenplay (probably thanks to the SEVEN writers on this film) that acts as little more than an ushering of characters from setpiece A to setpiece B. While the characters were all memorable and enjoyable thanks to solid acting all around, there wasn't all that much to the story, even when there really could have been. It felt like last year's The Predator, where reshoots and studio mandated edits turned what could have been great into something lesser.

Like Godzilla 2 earlier this year, my mind went into overdrive mid-movie trying to figure out what I'd have done and how I'd have done it better. It is not a good thing when your movie makes me do that.

But man, those action scenes were great stuff, and Mackenzie Davis in tanktops for two hours was more than worth the price of my admission, something I will not be ashamed to admit. Tim Miller may not know how to shoot humans yet, but this man knows how to make an effects-filled fight. I'm still rooting for him to get his first great film, because I know he has it in him.

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