The Laundromat ★★★★

Geez, I hadn't heard much about The Laundromat and it doesn't seem to be getting much in the way of awards season buzz that I've noticed, but I finally get around to watching the thing and I'm blown away. It's a loosely plotted half-biopic, quarter-fictionalized, quarter-educational documentary black comedy about the Panama Papers that features some fantastic acting and directing as well as being one of the most unsettlingly dark comedy this side of Burn After Reading.

Fourth wall-breaking villain-narrators Antonio Banderas and Gary Oldman guide us through the world of shell corporations and corrupt finance, and it's never anything but high entertainment. On par with, and maybe even superior to, The Big Short.

The way Meryl Streep is able to consistently put up Oscar-worthy performances in literally every movie she's in makes me angry, also. Angry because there is no way anyone is going to top her in the next billion years of acting. The final scene is disgustingly great.

Steven Sodebergh used that 4-year retirement apparently to save up his Director Ki and now he's unleashing a real good movie or two every single year. This onslaught will hopefully never end and Sodebergh ends up with a hundred-movie filmography.

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