The Wolf of Wall Street ★★★½

I'm on my rampaging path to watch the last couple "big relevant 2010s movies" I still haven't gotten around to. Or, at least, the ones on Netflix and otherwise in my possession.

Anyway, Wolf of Wall Street is fantastically constructed and absolutely bombastic in its excess--in no world of 2019 would you ever get a $100 million black comedy released in theaters as the big Christmas event of the year--and it's rgeat stuff. But you REALLY start to feel its absurd three-hour length at times. I had to stop midway through to take a break just because I looked at the time and saw that there was another friggin' 90 minutes left.

I'm usually a proponent for long movies because they have the ability to tell a complete story of a massive scope with tons of characters, without the obligation to be six or nine hours long like any given TV season. But this one probably could have used multiple cuts and for one of those cuts to be an hour shorter. One can only take so many scenes of debauchery in a row.

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