Monogatari Series on Letterboxd

A list of every entry in the Monogatari series included on Letterboxd, ordered in the timeline of the series (though Koyomimonogatari takes place across the series). The series is mostly made of TV shows, but there is a prequel movie trilogy and some OVA miniseries included in its dense mythology.

The whole series is definitely in the Letterboxd Community wheelhouse I think, though none of it qualifies for inclusion on this site. Watch it if you have the time!

  • Kizumonogatari Part 1: Tekketsu
  • Kizumonogatari Part 2: Nekketsu
  • Kizumonogatari Part 3: Reiketsu
  • Nekomonogatari (Black)
  • Bakemonogatari
  • Nisemonogatari
  • Tsukimonogatari
  • Koyomimonogatari
  • Zoku Owarimonogatari
  • Hanamonogatari
  • Okitegami Kyouko no Bibouroku x Monogatari
  • Koyomi History
  • Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai