You Were Never Really Here ★★★★½

I rewatched it with my landlords, and my landlords have a terrible taste in films, so i knew it was gonna be hard for them to watch and after watching it, the only thing that they said is: It makes you figure out things on your own. They didnt really enjoy the movie but it kept them thinking and trying to come up with what just happened. I couldnt be more happier with their comment. We need films that make the audience think on their own, films that will shock and leave a mark on people. 
Movies nowadays come with so much exposition, treating audiences like they are stupid and telling them everything. And i agree, audiences have changed. They want to know everything right away. But that’s what cinema is for, feeling a film before understanding it. 
If you have seen this film before i really encourage another look where you are completely away from any distractions and playing the film on high volume. Be patient. That’s what we need right now at the verge of cinema decay.

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