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Bramanthana Tirtha

An awkward Indonesian dork with a mild love for movies... Just kidding, my taste is just not very diverse.

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  • Flavors of Youth

    Flavors of Youth


    I had a blast watching this, it's an absolute rollercoaster of emotions! It's a collection of three short films, beautifully animated in roughly the same style.

    The first one is "The Rice Noodles", and it's a narration heavy story about a man's love for San Xian noodles, and various memories that are intertwined with it. While the note that it ended on didn't quite sit right with me, and the narration can be a bit too much, it presented its…

  • Modest Heroes

    Modest Heroes


    This is basically 3 short films back to back, made by different directors.

    The first film is "Kanini & Kanino", which takes place in mostly underwater scenery, and features the two titular characters, who are a part of a miniature sized human species. This one is not very memorable for me, I thought the way the story unfolded was not very interesting and I didn't get attached to the characters.

    The second film is "Life Ain't Gonna Lose", and this one's…

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  • 1917



    I enjoyed this as much as I expected to. Technically it's very made. The one shot cinematography is done pretty well, allowing the movie to feel very grounded. They did a lot of great looking shots with the limitations at hand. The night town flares scene comes to mind.

    The music helps intensify a lot of the scenes, although there's one moment in particular where the music choice felt quite distracting (start of the night town flare scene). I particularly…

  • Parasite



    I have been waiting for this to show up at my local theaters, and I narrowly missed the last screening of it. I enjoyed this so much, what a great movie. The pacing is impeccable, everything flows naturally and it never stumbled even for a second. There's also a degree of respect that I really appreciate, showing little things that would mean much later in a way that doesn't distract my viewing experience at all. All of it makes it so easy to admire the amount of skill and thought that is put to this movie.