Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse ★★★★★

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Task 29: Watch any 2018 release

Out of every movie that could've gotten a last minute best of the year steal, this was close to the bottom of the list. I just didn't get much from the trailer, and boy am I sorry about that. 

Walking into the theater, I had expectations, but also kept in mind that it was another superhero movie and I was thinking about how we have Aquaman a week after this. 

I left the theater with a fat smile on my face. I didn't think that Disney didn't have a 100% chance of winning the animated feature Oscar. THIS HAS A CHANCE GUYS!!

You felt for each and every single one of these characters, and while one or two of the spider-people felt a little underused, they all got their chance to shine at one point or another. 

The hip hop music really worked great with this story, and everytime another song came on I had a smile on my face. Really great soundtrack and it deserves at least some recognition. 

I think someone else already said this, but I forgot who, but it felt nice to see this character have to learn how to use his powers, and he didn't become a master right after the spider bite. Also the story overall was just great. And it was also nice to have a Deadpool esque movie do the comedy and seriousness tones correctly. 

I would highly recommend this to people who want something new with their superhero movies. Also the post-credit scene rivals Ralph Breaks the Internet for best meme post credit scene. I wonder who will get the Oscar for that one.

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