Moonrise Kingdom ★★★½

Going into the film my expectations for this were low mainly due to the fact The Darjeeling Limited was horribly miscast and The Fantastic Mr Fox was just to smarmy for it’s own good. I was also worried about the child actors, Wes Anderson has a unique, quirky aura about his films and I felt they would get lost in this.

My what a pleasant surprise this film was. This is Anderson on top, top form and it easily ranks up there with Rushmore and The Life Aquatic. I really, really enjoyed Moonrise Kingdom and my initial fears were put to bed straight away. Sam and Suzy were cast perfectly, you could search high and low for two better suited main actors and never find them. The adults seem like bit part players and Ed Norton has not been this good in a long time. The soundtrack wasn’t as memorable but still very good but it does seem like Mark Mothersbaugh’s collaborations with Wes Anderson seem to be over.

I really, really hope Criterion pick this up.