Boys Are Easy ★★★½

Wife's review after watching her first Wong Jing film:

"Oooooooookay. I liked the Bruce Lee guy and the gender reversals."

A set-up like The Eighth Happiness or Alls Well Ends Well, with three siblings and their love lives. Except the siblings are girls and their father is Richard Ng and he fakes having cancer because he wants them to get boyfriends. So they do, sort of. Brigitte Lin, a tough as nails cop who dresses like a boy, hooks up with The Other Tony Leung, an effeminate gigolo (he does a Bruce Lee impression late in the film). Demure Maggie Cheung hooks up with Jacky Cheung, the wanna-be triad boy next door (at one point he competes in the Triad Olympics: you know, machine gun as starter pistol, knives as relay batons). Successful doctor Chingmy Yau pretends to be a whore hired to seduce 27-year old virgin Ekin Cheng. Lin has the most hilarious reaction to the "hand in your badge and gun" scene, which is to basically kick her police captain's ass and trash the police station. Maggie and Jacky have an O. Henry moment when he becomes a Christian to suit her while she busts out her biker outfit leftover from the Heroic Trio to suit him. Richard Ng gets in on the fun when his pen pal Sandra Ng arrives and takes over his house, only to be captured and held hostage by Triads trying to kill Lin (they threaten to take her to Brazil and rape her a lot). The family collectively shrugs and happily go on with their lives.