Cocktail ★★★½

A low-rent Wong Kar-wai circa My Blueberry Nights vibe, as directors Herman Yau and Long Ching (Yau is a veteran, this is Long's first and only credit as far as I can tell) tell a few stories about life in a snazzy Hong Kong bar. Mostly we get the story of a quiet new hire (Paul, played by Endy Chow) with a penchant for creating colorful drinks and a haunting memory of his alcoholic father, but also the story of a businessman who's mistreated by his boss, the mysterious past of the bar's sad and generous owner Candy (played by Candy Lo) and some romantic complication between Paul and the adorable bartendress who shows him the ropes (Stella, played by Race Wong). The colors are blue and neon, the motion often slow and the mood late night melancholy.