Constantine ★★★½

Weird how they made a superhero comic book adaptation that wasn't an origin story. Instead he's just already able to do stuff like any other character you see in an action movie. It wasn't just the Marvel movies that did this either, all the 2000s superhero movies are origin stories. Or if not strictly origins, still about whether or not the hero should be a hero in the first place. Like how Raimi's Spider-man 2 is exactly the same as his first Spider-man.

Imagine if every cop movie started with the hero facing some childhood trauma followed by 30 minutes of them going through training. Like at a Police Academy.

I think maybe 21st Century superhero movies learned all the wrong lessons from the Police Academy series.

Anyway, in this movie Keanu Reeves fights demons and Tilda Swinton plays the angel Gabriel so it's pretty good.