Death Race ★★★

If the original DEATH RACE 2000 is Twisted Metal 2, with it's candy-colored images and goofy dark wit spanning exotic locals, the this is Twisted Metal Black, all dour and depressing with a grimy sepia-gray color scheme that just makes you want to give everything a good wash. By setting the film almost entirely within a prison (albeit an island-sized one) Anderson limits the scope of the film (the original race was cross country, and the media exploitation of it was explored at length) while focusing its critique. It's not just the public's desire to see extreme violence that's exposed, it's the capitalist system that now runs the prisons and will go to whatever ends necessary to up the ratings and make a profit. There's more logic to the behavior than the recklessly homicidal corporation of the RESIDENT EVIL films, but that they have their reasons only makes it more terrible.

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