Dirty Ho ★★★★★

The IMDB lists this as a 1976 film but I can find no evidence for this. Google the title, and you'll see an unsourced release date listed of April 8, 1976, but the IMDB itself lists August 4, 1979 as the date (in Hong Kong that is. It's a 1981 film if you're one of those weirdos who only goes by US release dates). Every other source I've seen lists it as a 1979 film, except those that likely took their info from the IMDB.

1979 makes the most sense as well for Kara Hui's career. She has a small but memorable role here, and if the 1976 date is correct this would be her first film. Her next credits begin in 1977, with a small role in Li Hsiang Han's Dream of the Red Chamber and 12 other appearances in Shaw Brothers films in '77 and '78, but not in any Lau Kar-leung films (Lily Li starred in Challenge of the Masters, Executioners from Shaolin and Shaolin Mantis during this supposedly post-Dirty Ho period). Then, beginning in 1979, she's in every one of Lau's films (Mad Monkey Kung Fu, Return to the 36th Chamber, My Young Auntie, Martial Club, Legendary Weapons of China, Cat vs. Rat, The Lady is the Boss and 8 Diagram Pole Fighter) until 1984 when Lau, who had been dating Hui, married Mary Jean Reimer (aka Yung Jing-jing)).

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