Double Team ★★★

What I tweeted last night as I watched Tsui Hark's American directorial debut, Double Team, starring Jean-Claude Van Damme, Dennis Rodman and Mickey Rourke, released in 1997.

10:00 - Gonna watch JCVD and Rodman in DOUBLE TEAM because Tsui Hark. Hoping for many basketball-related puns, cameos by Teddy Robin and Eric Tsang.

10:03 - Mickey Rourke is in this too because of course he is.

10:13 - Rodman: "I don't play with the Bad Boys anymore." "Defense wins the game." Ho-ho.

10:14 - JCVD: "Who's my dead-eye?" Everyone in this has dead eyes, Jean-Claude. Everyone.

10:18 - Clowns! A tiger!

10:25 - Babies with bombs! Mickey Rourke's villainous white high-tops!

10:29 - Did this just turn into LOGAN'S RUN?

10:33 - Underwater lasers!

10:43 - "Scalawag"!

10:53 - Basketball parachute. "Now that's what I call hang time!"

10:54 - The baby is a bomb!

10:58 - Tall man in a little car! "You look like a carrot with earrings."

11:00 - "It's time to get off the bench."

11:02 - JCVD's plan revolves around enraging Stavros by inviting people to "Stavro's Halloween Party".

11:06 - Goes without saying that Rodman has a different hair color in every scene, right?

11:07 - Suitcase gun!

11:08 - Chinese guy with knife in his toes!

11:12 - Dennis Rodman's gang of cybermonks!

11:15 - "Oops, air ball!" "You need practice." "I hate practice."

11:20 - JCVD's fur vest.

11:21 - A tiger!

11:22 - In a minefield!

11:26 - JCVD, Rodman and Rourke: three muscly men, one shirt.

11:30 - Nifty quick little track zoom in the middle of the fight. Don't think I've ever seen that before.

11:31 - Flying Coke machines!

11:35 - A credit for "Special Action Choreographer" for "Samo Hung".

11:36 - So yeah, that was glorious.