Drunken Master III ★★½

Well, it certainly has a great cast: Lau Kar-leung, Gordon Liu, Andy Lau, Michelle Reis, Adam Cheng and Simon Yam. Unfortunately, that's about it. Hastily thrown together after Lau quit working with Jackie Chan on Drunken Master II (details are still fuzzy on this, a far as I know), as Lau wanted to make something with a more authentic version of drunken boxing than Chan was interested in. There's some of that definitely on display here, but it's buried beneath a silly and not especially coherent plot. Willie Chi seems like a pleasant enough fellow, but he disappears among this stacked cast, which is a problem because he's playing Wong Fei-hung. Still, it's an amiable film. I suspect Lau was incapable of making a truly bad movie.

Also, Yam is credited as playing "Gay Bus Passenger", which just seems like the perfect Yam role.