Fantasia ★★★★

Wai Ka-fai gathers a cast of favorites (Lau Ching-wan, Louis Koo, Francis Ng, Cecilia Cheung and Jordan Chan) to riff on the Hui Brothers' classic The Private Eyes. Sequences from the earlier film are lifted and twisted, and the three main actors do creditable impressions of the Huis, Lau especially is a perfect Michael (recognition of which comes in the film's climax). It doesn't have the patient approach to comic escalation that marked Michael Hui as a comedy classicist, but rather Wai's more frenetic, post-Cinema City, Wong Jing and Stephen Chow era piling up of non-sequitur zaniness, in this case mashing up elements of Jurassic Park and the Harry Potter movies. This is the kind of movie where a CGI dragon that communicates largely by leaving piles of pink yogurt shit all over a room represents the soul of Hong Kong's coolest superstar. So yeah, it's pretty great.

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