Final Justice ★★★

Stephen Chow, in his breakthrough film role (he won the Best Supporting Actor Golden Horse award) is introduced as a young car thief who wears a denim jacket with the word "FUCK" spelled out in rainbow colored stickers across the back. Apparently this is meant to be taken seriously as a sign that he is a rebellious and criminal young man. Chow's performance is almost entirely dramatic, and actually is pretty good, as he is arrested by Danny Lee and coerced into informing on the murderous gang that is terrorizing the city (for whom Chow has been stealing cars as getaway vehicles). Seemingly half the film takes place in the police station, with the barely literate, rule-breaking Lee arguing with his boss (yes, he gets thrown off the case). Director Parkman Wong makes excellent use of the neon reds and blues of the Hong Kong night, but for the most part this is a pretty standard cop movie.