Full Alert ★★★½

Ringo Lam does a Milkyway-style film right as Milkyway launches, with Lau Ching-wan as the head cop on a team tracking down a small gang of killers and robbers (see also: Expect the Unexpected, Breaking News, Drug War). There's a car chase, a tense standoff and a neatly constructed final heist sequence, but the most disturbing scene is a POV shot of an empty apartment, a child crying behind a door.

It's not built around a strong relationship like Lam's best films (City on Fire and Prison on Fire) but much more grounded than the gloriously ludicrous Full Contact. Both cop and crook are haunted by deaths they've committed or witnessed, and the film is suffused with the same apocalyptic (read: Handover) tone as the early Milkyway cycle. Films where men of violence can't escape the world they've made and are eventually consumed by it.

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