God of Gamblers II ★★★½

Wong Jing takes what is essentially a normal sequel type story (Andy Lau's character, now a success after being adopted as a disciple by Chow Yun-fat, loses touch with his roots and his identity as he chafes under the rules of super-hero gamblerism and must overcome these doubts to defeat a new enemy, a disciple of the bad guy from the first film) and destabilizes it by throwing in Stephen Chow and Ng Man Tat from All for the Winner, a parody of the first film. It's like if Tony Scott had made Top Gun 2 starring Val Kilmer and Charlie Sheen's character from Hot Shots. Considering that God of Gamblers itself was a kind of half-parody of Casino Raiders, the result is an almost wholly unmoored film. Andy Lau's sadness is the only thing that holds it together.