In the Line of Duty 3 ★★★

Cynthia Khan takes over the lead role in D & B's series of girls and guns movies (this entry is also Yes, Madam 2). She's smaller than Michelle Yeoh and Cynthia Rothrock, and doesn't quite have their electricity, but she fights well despite a propensity for falling off things. This is the weakest of the series I've seen so far. It's plagued wIth terrible police station scenes both expected (her boss is her uncle and doesn't want her to get hurt, so he won't let her try to solve any crimes because she's a girl) and unexpected (the boss leads his supposedly elite crime fighting routine in a series of inane exercises that seem like rejected sketches from the first half of Michael Hui's Security Unlimited). On top of that, Khan is barely the main character in her own film, as its more the story of a veteran Japanese cop who looks a bit like James Garner who goes to Hong Kong in pursuit of Japanese Red Army jewel thieves (these villains get the most character development, not only a romance and an ideology but also a terminal illness!). There are some really good fight scenes, both set in industrial areas (though they still aren't as great as Yeoh's fight with a chainsaw in Royal Warriors).