Legend of a Fighter ★★★

Like The Buddhist Fist a Yuen Woo-ping film more memorable for its elaborate fight choreography than anything particularly interesting in plot or style. Telling the story of Chen Zhen's teacher Hou Yuanjia (the character Jet Li plays also in Fearless), we see him as a young man who isn't allowed to learn kung fu, but does it anyway thanks to a bespectacled tutor (Yasuaki Kurata, from Fist of Legend, Legend of the Fist, Eastern Condors and more) who is secretly researching Chinese kung fu for the Japanese, or something. When Hou grows up, he turns into Beardy (sans beard) and is awesome. Then he beats up a Russian and some Japanese, all while being virtuous and stuff. Inevitably, he has a showdown with his former teacher.