Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chen Zhen ★★★★

The best Batman movie of the last 20 years.

As Fist of Legend (written and directed by Gordon Chan, who wrote and produced this one) built on Fist of Fury by developing, you know, characters, so this sequel builds further by fleshing out and complicating the historical milieu. Beginning with the Chinese experience in World War I, but spending most of the time locating Chen Zhen within the context of the Chinese struggle against Japanese imperialism, both overtly (student and labor protests) and covertly (various guerrilla activities as well as Chen's own superhero antics). With Andrew Lau's super glossy camera overdosing on the glamour of 1930s Shanghai (and Shu Qi, whoa) and Donnie Yen's acrobatic and ultimately brutal choreography, a tribute to and expansion of Bruce Lee's aesthetic.

Terrible title though.