Ninja in the Dragon's Den ★★★★

Conan Lee fights a guy on stilts. Conan publicly humiliates a Taoist magician. Then a ninja shows up, trying to kill Conan's old guy friend. Conan fights the ninja (Hiroyuki Sanada, the Japanese guy from Royal Warriors) in a room elaborately constructed to trap ninjas. The ninja fights other ninjas. Then Conan fights the ninja. Then they become friends. Then they join forces to fight the master Taoist magician.

The ninja vs. ninja stuff is built on a comical series of misunderstandings, the kind of plot that would be resolved in about five minutes if everyone would stop fighting and chat. The magic stuff has potential, as Conan goes all Christopher Hitchens on the mystical mumbo-jumbo, but then the master magician (Hwang Jang Lee) actually has some magical powers) so it turns out Conan's just kind of a dick.

But this is Corey Yuen's directorial debut, and Corey Yuen doesn't give a fuck about plot coherence or thematic consistency. Corey Yuen cares about creating badass action scenes and that's what we get, one after another after another. And then there's a beautifully constructed punchline about boobs.