The Lady Is the Boss ★★★½

Very similar to My Young Auntie, but in this case, Kara Hui is the destabilizing modern presence in Lau Kar-leung traditionalist kung fu world. She plays the American-raised daughter of his master, come to Hong Kong to take over direction of their new school. She introduces wild ideas like aerobics, form-fitting clothing and marketing. Seeing Hui and her students (including Gordon Liu and Hsiao Hou) running around the crowded streets and clubs in the appalling fashions of mid-80s Hong Kong is a pleasure in its own right, but there are diminishing returns by the time Hui shows up with a BMX dirt bike gang to take on the generic bad guys. Lau once again saves the day in the end, taking on super villain Wang Lung-wei (yet again), but once again rather than this serving as a paternalistic rescue, Lau undermines his own superior position by ending the film in modern dress. He doesn't need Hui to conform to him, but rather seeks a compromise between the new and the old.