The Romancing Star ★★½

A Lucky Stars-type movie from Wong Jing aided immensely by Chow Yun-fat and Maggie Cheung acting silly. The plot is a vastly less interesting variation on Tsui Hark's Working Class with Chow as a mechanic pretending to be rich (his snooty English accent is pretty funny) to woo Maggie, a fitness instructor also pretending to be rich (but the it turns out she really is rich, when Wong Jing's father, the director Wang Tian-lin, future Johnnie To regular, shows up). Actual Lucky Stars Eric Tsang and Stanley Fung play two of Chow's buddies (along with Nat Chan) and the film is mostly built around they're mediocre slapstick antics.

Maggie Cheung wears a hideous white dress halfway through the film that I was sure was the most ridiculous thing I'd ever see. And then at the climax she tops it with an even sillier blue one. I'm starting to think the terrible clothes worn by Hong Kong actors in the 80s are intentionally awful. They had to know, right?