The Singing Thief ★★★

Not as much (intentional, I think) fun as the films inspired by it (the Aces Go Places series and John Woo's Once a Thief), this Chang Cheh variation on To Catch a Thief, with a retired burglar (he's now a Cantopop lounge singer) called back to clear his name after a series of copycat thieveries is mostly notable for having the most appallingly hideous/hilarious fashions of any movie I've ever seen, ever. A puffy red short-sleeved button-down shirt, open to the navel, with a matching pair of ultra-tight short shorts, candy striped wallpaper, red red carpets and a round bed covered in red velvet, tight pants and long, multi-colored scarves and much much more. It's 70s baroque at its kitschiest.

And of course, since its a Chang Cheh movie, it all ultimately revolves around a betrayal of the brotherly loyalty code.