They Live ★★★★½

What strikes me most about Carpenter is his coolness, the calm deliberation with which he lets his plots unfurl. This premise, in the hands of any other filmmaker, would be a lightning quick action comedy, Men in Black or Big Trouble in Little China style. But instead it's almost an hour into a 90 minute film before the hero convinces someone else to try on the glasses. And the film's signature showpiece, the big action number, is a good old-fashioned slugging match between two friends, all over the one's stubborn refusal to do something as simple as try on a pair of glasses (hilariously allegorical, of course). Even the film's most famous line, one I've known for years (as I felt I'd known the film, though I'd somehow never seen it), is delivered slowly in Roddy Piper's affectless Canadian drawl. All scored to another brilliant Carpenter pulse, simple riffs repeating for eternity. How different would this movie be, how wrong, with John Williams setting its tone?

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