Tiger Cage ★★★½

Yuen Woo-ping directing a hyperbolic modern cop-corruption movie, with a remarkable cast that includes Jacky Cheung, Do Do Cheng, Ng Man Tat, Donnie Yen and Simon Yam. It opens with a crazy chase, then settles down for a party. At this party, where the whole cop team playfully bonds, one of them announces he's retiring. Not only that, but he's also getting married. And he's just been told he has a heart condition and should avoid strenuous activity. He's thrice marked for death by the movie cliche gods. The team then seeks revenge for his murder, circumventing normal police procedure and "laws" both in pursuit of the crooks and because half of them are actually crooks anyway. The whole damn system's out of order.

Yuen's stunt team does a great job of making Jacky Cheung look like he can fight (imdb thinks Donnie doubled for him, which would make sense). It's great to see that Simon Yam, at this early stage in his career, is already fully Simon Yam.