Tiger On the Beat 2 ★★½

Bears no actual relation to the first Tiger on the Beat, which found Lau Kar-leung diving head-first into the world of contemporary cop actioners. Same genre here, along with one of the same stars, the pumped up, slightly dim-witted Conan Lee. He's paired with Danny Lee this time (a sure sign that this is a step down in prestige from the first film, where Conan was paired with Chow Yun-fat).

Conan plays a sailor from America in town to visit his uncle, a cop played by Danny, who is in turn under orders to find Conan a nice Chinese girl to marry. Instead the two get caught up in the misadventures of a petty thief named "Sweet Dream" (sure, why not?) played by Ellen Chan (who has a bit of an off-brand Cherie Chung vibe, but maybe it's just the big hair and late 80s clothes that's got me befuddled). She's run afoul of a gang of drug dealers (or something) because she's stolen a ring from one of them (or something). So Gordon Liu (with hair) and Roy Cheung spend most of the movie trying to kill her. She barely escapes each time, but does so in such a way that neither Lee ever sees her in peril, and thus they don't believe that she's actually under attack. From this springs comedy and action.

It never reaches the glorious heights of the chainsaw sequence in the first film, though there is an amazing stunt early on. Conan jumps off an overpass, maybe 40 feet in the air, to a light pole, in an attempt to slide down it to the ground. But he misses the pole and lands flat on the asphalt. Lau gives us the jump again from a different angle and it looks for sure like he or, more probably, his stuntman is seriously injured. Then Lau cuts to Conan on the ground, who promptly bounces back up, not a mark on him, and continues the chase. This becomes a running gag throughout the film, as Conan never gets a scratch while everyone around him is mangled by the action movie grinder. Only in the end, with a bare-footed Die Hard homage, does Conan ever seem to get hurt. Sure hope that stuntman survived though.