Tri-Star ★★★

Possibly the weirdest Tsui Hark movie I've seen. Imagine Leslie Cheung as the helpful priest from Going My Way secretly manipulating the heroine's life alone the lines of the old man in The More the Merrier (Anita Yuen, who, unlike Jean Arthur in that film, is a dim-witted call girl) while being constantly chased by a bearded, cigar-chomping Lau Ching-wan as the cop from Bringing Up Baby. And Leslie Cheung's cousin is a psychology student from America who has taken too many experimental drugs and is now a sex maniac, or at least she's obsessed with trying to sleep with Leslie. And then Leslie dresses like Elvis. And then they all form a girl group and record a Cantonese cover of "The Itsy-Bitsy, Teeny-Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini". You know, as people do.

The sound went completely out of sync on the DVD I rented for about ten minutes right in the middle of the film. It took at least five minutes before I decided it wasn't intentional. That's how strange this movie is.