Tricky Brains ★★★★½

I think this is the closest I've seen Stephen Chow get to a Michael Hui comedy, more classically structured than the standard Chow/Wong Jing strategy of just filming any crazy thing that happens to come to mind. Maybe it's just the setting, with Chow as a "Tricks Expert", someone who gets hired to play elaborate tricks on people with the hope of driving them crazy or into ruin (kind of like Fincher's The Game, if it was run by Jerry Lewis), which reminds me a bit of the structure of the Huis' The Private Eyes or Security Unlimited. Andy Lau is the perfect straight man for Chow to play off, and there are not one but two terrific musical sequences: a goofy duet with Chow and Lau and a bit where Chow Lau and Ng Man Tat talk to each other in Peking Opera verse. Also with Rosamund Kwan and Waise Lee, who is, as ever, a terrific heel.

In this one, when Chow says Ng Man Tat's name, he doesn't begin humping everything, he simply begins to gyrate spastically. This is a running joke I do not understand.

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