Wicked City ★★★½

Roy Cheung turns into a giant octopus demon and rides an airplane that may be an illusion, but no it's a real plane, but it's an illusion, but no it's real.

Leon Lai and Jacky Cheung and Yuen Woo-ping all wear glasses, though none of them actually appear to need vision correction.

Sometimes they wear sunglasses. At night.

This is about Hong Kong being surreptitiously taken over by demons disguised as humans, which hints at an allegory of the handover. Except the evil demons (there are some good ones) are ruthlessly capitalistic drug dealers. The drug they sell is literally called "Happiness". So it's also an allegory of Western imperialism. It's also an adaptation of a novel by Japanese writer Hideyuki Kikuchi, so it might really be about Japan. But after a prologue in Tokyo, Cheung whisks Lai back to Hong Kong, never to return.

Tsui Hark wrote and produced, Andrew Lau was the cinematographer. It was directed by Peter Mak, who co-directed another movie in 1995, but otherwise has apparently been working in television for the past 25 years.

At one point, Roy Cheung has sex with a demon who has taken the form of a pinball machine. He shouts that he's going to get the high score.

Tatsuya Nakadai stars in this movie.