Wing Chun ★★★★½

Feminism, kung fu style. A world where everyone, even the love of her life Donnie Yen, mistakes Michelle Yeoh for a man. Where her crafty businesswoman aunt, the delightfully named Abacus Fong, has to trick a man into sleeping with her (which works even though she apparently smells really bad, the result of a lifetime of eating only stinky tofu). Where Catherine Hung's Charmy, the lust object for an entire town and the local bandit gang, sighs about how as just a pretty woman she's useless without a man to care for her.

In order to defeat the bad guy and earn his respect, Yeoh must first dress like a woman, then take away his giant spear. As a result of her victory, he has to call her 'Mommy'.

Shaw Brothers icon Cheng Pei-pei plays Yeoh's master. She advises her that small, subtle movements can contain great power. This knowledge is essential for her defeating the bandit leaders, Flying Monkey and Flying Chimpanzee, and their apelike notions of gender roles.