Yes, Madam ★★★★½

Take most of the Lucky Stars, the thinnest shred of MacGuffin-driven plot, badass women cops (Michelle Yeoh and Cynthia Rothrock), Tsui Hark as a forger who dresses like Adam Driver and lives in an apartment designed by Buster Keaton and more broken glass than Police Story and throw it all in a blender directed by Corey Yuen at his absolute peak of not giving a fuck and you have the most 1980s Hong Kong movie ever made.

This is the kind of movie where the villain is introduced spinning in a swivel chair while laughing maniacally and smoking a pipe. Where the cops hand in their badges and guns before going on an extra-legal rampage. Where Sammo Hung, Richard Ng and David Chiang try to steal chicken from a busty nurse at their nursing home.